Each prospective student completes an extensive two to three hour battery of standardized tests administered by experienced professionals. The purpose of the testing is to accurately define the student's strengths and weaknesses, and to identify any factors contributing to problems in school. The examiner then uses this information to design a customized plan of treatment that will thoroughly address any areas of difficulty.

Following the assessment, the examiner schedules a consultation with the client or guardians. The consultation generally lasts about an hour, during which time the examiner will go over the results of the tests and answer any questions. The examiner will also discuss the recommended treatment plan, including the estimated number of hours and the programs to be used. As warranted, the examiner may refer the client for other assessments not offered by our clinic.  Following the consultation, our staff writes a thorough report including the test results and recommended course of action. We generally mail the report within two weeks of the consultation.

Should the client wish to pursue treatment, the next step is to call our office to schedule treatment.

Areas of Assessment

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Testing Process

  1. Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary

  2. Written and Oral Language Comprehension

  3. Following Oral Directions

  4. Auditory and Visual Memory Skills

  5. Writing and Editing Skills

  6. Reading Passages Aloud and Silently

  7. Math Concepts, Computation, Word Problems

Northwest Reading Clinic, Inc.

  1. Phonemic Awareness (Dyslexia)

  2. Spelling Accuracy

  3. Reading Words in Isolation

  4. Sight Word Recognition

  5. Sound/Symbol Association

  6. Word Attack Skills

  7. Language Development