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The following charts represent the percentile gains (converted from standard scores) made by our students on standardized tests. The median percentile is the 50th. Generally, the average range is from the 25th to the 63rd percentile.

The graph below illustrates research results for 2015 for our private clinic students only. Following that graph are research results for all of our students, both in our private clinics and school projects, from 2006 through December 2015.

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Treatment Time

The average time in treatment is 120 to 160 hours. Some students attend for enhancement of their skills for 40 to 80 hours. Others return to the clinic for brief refreshers for several weeks or months. Individuals with severe disabilities may attend for a year or more.

Sample Size

The sample size fluctuates on each graph based on the program or programs received. In addition, not all students receive all of the tests during their retesting. For instance, if a student has performed well on their initial diagnostic testing on a particular test, they are not usually tested again on this measure. This also impacts the number of students included in the graph data.

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