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Our clients have a wide range of needs. Many experience a great deal of difficulty with reading and spelling. These difficulties may be minor, moderate or severe. Often, those with moderate to severe problems are classified as dyslexic or learning disabled. Other students, who may read well, struggle to comprehend material they read or hear. Some students have vocabulary or math difficulties. Others may need enhancement of their word attack, writing, or study skills. We also treat individuals who struggle in many or all of these areas.

Following a thorough diagnostic testing and evaluation, clients attend a consultation with the examiner to discuss the test results and answer any questions. The examiner also discusses the recommended course of treatment and any further referrals at this time. Consultations generally last one hour. A written report based on the test results and consultation will be mailed to the client one to two weeks after the consultation.

Should clients choose to begin treatment, students attend one-on-one sessions five days per week, conducted by experienced and well-trained clinicians. Sessions generally last one hour, but at the client’s option may range from one to four hours per day. This intensive method allows students to improve and stabilize their skills in the shortest possible time. Treatment length averages six to twelve months if students attend for one hour per day. The length of treatment varies depending upon the severity of the student's dysfunction, the age of the student, and the number of hours per day the student attends. Treatment time may be less for students who only need enhancement of their skills.


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