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"I’ve been going to the Northwest Reading Clinic for four months now. I have seen a great improvement in my spelling. My grades came up from a B to an A!”

- Courtney G., age 10

Symptoms of Weak Visual Memory

  1. Difficulty reading unfamiliar words

  2. Demonstrate poor spelling

  3. Slow reading due to poor sight word recognition

Our Students

If a student has good phonemic awareness and poor visual memory for letters, many of his or her spelling errors will tend to be phonetically accurate. For instance, a student may spell the word enough as enuff or neighbor as nayber because these words do not follow common phonetic patterns.

Our Method

Visual memory development helps individuals become independent readers and spellers by teaching them how to visualize ‘unfair’ words such as enough and answer. Students at Northwest Reading Clinic develop visual memory for letters to improve sight word recognition and fluency. This program improves reading fluency and word attack skills as well. Visual memory development may be used on its own or in conjunction with phonemic processing development, depending on each student’s unique needs.

Strengthening visual memory for letters allows students to recognize common unfair words as a whole and to self-correct errors in reading and spelling. Consequently, students are able to avoid guessing and thus read and spell with greater accuracy and success.

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