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Many students who struggle with comprehension also struggle with vocabulary. These difficulties tend to go hand in hand. If students do not ‘see’ a picture as they read and do not comprehend the gestalt, they will struggle to determine the logical meaning of unknown words in a passage. In addition, if a student does not know the meaning of one or several words in a passage, he or she will have difficulty forming an image of the material presented. Rather than teach students the rote definitions of a long list of words, as is often done in school, we teach students to associate an image with each unknown word. Students who struggle with vocabulary may also have trouble finding the right words to express themselves and may use non-specific words instead.

Our Method

Students at Northwest Reading Clinic learn to:

  1. Discuss the meaning of the unknown word

  2. Visualize instructor-provided sentences incorporating the word

  3. Create a student-generated sentence using the word

  4. Make and use index cards that include the word, the student-generated sentence using the word, and a picture that illustrates the sentence

  5. Practice and review daily to incorporate these new words into working vocabulary

The goal of this process is for the students to form appropriate mental imagery for each new word. The students should then be better able to understand and visualize material they read or hear. They will also be able to use their improved vocabulary in speech and writing to accurately express meaning. We use this method to treat both receptive and expressive vocabulary skills.

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Instructors identify

words to practice.

Students equate pictures with unknown words.

Students learn an

effective new method.

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